Understanding Steampunk Plague Mask Pendant Meaning

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The jewelry we wear has always had some meaning. So it is today. The jewelry we wear can signify belonging to an ideological group, or it can express our attitude and send a message about something. So how can we understand the meaning of the steampunk plague mask pendant and what message do those who wear it send?

What Is A Plague Doctor Mask?

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In the dark ages of medieval times, the plague was one of the greatest enemies of mankind. In those dark times, doctors wore masks for which they thought they were protecting them from the Black Death. The mask had glass eye openings and a rounded beak like a bird’s. Such a design was no accident! The beak was hollow inside and it was filled with strong-smelling substances such as amber, lemon balm, mint, camphor, cloves – and even opium tincture. The purpose of the mask was to protect against bad air – which, at that time, was considered to be the cause of the disease.

The Symbolism Of The Plague Doctor Mask

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As always in times of crisis, people turned to the church and doctors. Ironically, the plague doctors increased people’s feelings of fear, by wandering the streets in long black coats and creepy bird-like masks with long beaks. Later, over time, and after the eradication of the plague – this mask retained its dark meaning.

However, it also gained great popularity. So today we can see it at various Halloween parties, carnivals, etc. In Gothic culture, this symbol has gained tremendous popularity – so we can often see it in the form of tattoos and jewelry worn by members of certain social groups. It is generally associated with those who want to put their darker propensities in the foreground.

Steampunk Plague Doctor Pendants: Meaning And Inspiration

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Certainly, in the general wave of gothic and steampunk subculture, symbols, and jewelry – a plague doctor mask couldn’t pass as an unnoticed item. Of course, this kind of jewelry, and above all pendants, are inspired by the Black Death – so it can be interpreted that the symbolism of such pendants is related to the idea that death cannot be postponed or avoided.

However, on the other hand, the somewhat “crazy” steampunk culture combines elements of horror, fiction, fantasy – but also the modern industrial revolution. So the Steampunk plague mask pendant got some new features such as glass goggles or details reminiscent of gears. In this sense, it can signify both – the transience of life and its further progress through a clearer vision and technological advancement.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we can say that the meaning of the Steampunk Pendant of the Plague Doctor can have different meanings – and that it all depends on your interpretation. In general, we can say that the symbol of the plague doctor on the pendant can refer to the transience of life, the dark forces – but also to recovery from illness, an homage to medicine and technological progress – as well as belonging to a certain circle of people or club.