How to Make Your Packaging More Sustainable – 2024 Guide


In order to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and use more environmentally friendly options, most companies are trying to find new ways of packaging. That is why many developed countries are investing in this part of the business and simplifying business rules and taxes. An example of such a country is New Zealand. Here, companies strive for a green supply chain and support environmentally motivated initiatives. In that case, energy consumption, harmful emissions into the air, water and soil, as well as the creation of waste material are taken into account. However, packaging decisions are also influenced by the regulations of a certain country. However, there are several ways to improve product packaging.

Smaller amount of material


We all know about that famous sentence – less is more, but in this case it really is. Since the materials of a certain product have a great impact on the environment, it is recommended to use as little material as possible. Don’t forget what types of materials are mostly used and how bad they are for all of us. For example, these are paper, aluminum, glass, etc. In that case, many more resources of water, minerals and energy are used. When it comes to countries that take care of such items, try to comply with their requirements. So, stay away from excess materials during the production of your packaging.

Focus exclusively on those materials that will serve their purpose. This means that minimalism is desirable in any case and it is the key to economical spending of resources. One of the main trends is the simplification of functions, which means the use of a simple design and bold colors for the entire packaging design. Thus, the story of the brand is transmitted much faster from one consumer to another, easier to remember and separate from other competing products.


One of the great ways to stand out from most brands and at the same time positively influence your environment is this option. Create reusable packaging. This means that you will enable your consumers to buy glass or aluminum containers that they can use many times.

If they would like to renew the stock of products, they can refill the products of their choice and replenish as needed. It is also desirable to provide consumers with a supplement in a reduced package. Consider a more flexible packaging approach, as you can add the option of free return of empty packaging. Many successful brands use these tricks, such as MAC, Kiehl’s, etc.

High quality packaging


Although custom packaging is a priority, we have an understanding for companies that have to decide on a budget. However, you can still get high quality packaging without compromising your budget. In that case, you can use several options that include reducing packaging costs and at the same time realizing the company’s vision. This refers to a better supply process, the use of packaging that requires less space and ensuring the integrity and longevity of the elements in production.

Third-party logistics and various programs will also simplify the packaging process. You don’t have to make your own sustainable packaging, but you can work with reputable companies like Ecotime time which brand. You can also save by using boxes adapted to the product, because some items can be of different dimensions. Make sure you find a package that will stay intact for the customer, as this is another way to save money.

Packaging for recycling

In order to obtain this type of packaging, you need to look at several criteria. To begin with, such packaging should be separated, cleaned and properly labeled. It is important to constantly work on motivating customers when it comes to recycling. Many have not yet realized all its benefits, although this is one of the oldest tricks for environmental protection. Either way, work on this regularly to help reduce landfill size, conserve natural resources, and help people save money.

Use biodegradable packaging materials, remove plastic and invest in starch-based materials, corrugated bubble wrap, organic fabrics, etc. They belong to the group of green materials that will manage to protect products from various elements.



Many companies are still not familiar with this process and are very confused. One reason is the lack of ideas, but there are actually many alternatives to plastics and similar materials. For example, sustainable packaging material may be starch-based packing peanuts. They are very easy to recycle and have a longer lifespan than plastic. Of course, before you decide on certain materials, always check if they are suitable enough for your job. When it comes to traditional, solid bottles, you can use materials based on vegetable oils and corn starch.

Molded pulp is one of the more popular plastic alternatives. It is made of recycled paper or natural fibers. These materials are used in combination with water and are placed in pressed molds. There are many advantages of this alternative, but it is mostly used because it is compostable and biodegradable. Renewable extracts are also used while at the same time achieving a smooth, light and adaptable finish.

Communication with consumers


Today, it is necessary to set up a store or company on online platforms. This was especially affected by the pandemic that encouraged online shopping. Ordering from home has become commonplace, so make the most of it. Give consumers many more options by reviewing your products or packaging.

Make it more sustainable, but also give your customers some additional instructions. For example, set the information on the use of packaging, renewal or disposal of packaging in the correct way. You don’t have to change the whole look of the packaging to help consumers. It is an opportunity to make strong connections with your clients and leave a lasting impression.


Sustainable packing should meet certain criteria. This means that it is desirable that it be removable, reducing, recycling, renewable and ready for reuse. By making this choice, you contribute a lot to the environment and your budget. These are the reasons why more and more companies are opting for more sustainable packaging options.