Evaluating the IT Service Providers in Arizona

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In the 21st-century digital world, IT service providers have become the backbone of our businesses. With Arizona being a technological hub, a diverse set of IT service providers thrives within the state. This article explores 20 of these businesses, assessing their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, aiming to provide a balanced view for your considerations.


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Known for its customized IT solutions, MyTek is an industry leader in Arizona. Offering comprehensive services including managed IT, cybersecurity, and technology consulting, the company has earned a reputation for excellence. MyTek shines in terms of client commitment and providing tailor-made solutions. However, they have been criticized for their relatively high pricing compared to other local providers. Despite this, their customized solutions, backed by exceptional customer support, render them a strong choice for any business seeking a robust IT framework.

Bensinger Consulting

Specializing in cloud computing, Bensinger Consulting offers the promise of reducing hardware expenses. The company excels in providing efficient and accessible cloud solutions. However, its narrowed focus could be a limitation for businesses seeking a more comprehensive IT solution. Overall, if cloud computing is your primary concern, Bensinger makes for a competent choice.

Blue Fox Group

Blue Fox Group is recognized for its expertise in managed IT services and business communication solutions. The company is proficient in proactive network monitoring and disaster recovery planning. However, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with their slower response times. Still, for businesses prioritizing stable IT infrastructure and communication, Blue Fox Group is a reliable contender.


With a robust offering of strategic IT services, itSynergy has been helping businesses improve their productivity for years. They excel in strategic IT consulting and managed services. However, the company’s comprehensive approach may sometimes overcomplicate straightforward IT requirements. Regardless, itSynergy’s holistic approach makes it a significant player in the IT service provider landscape in Arizona.

Copper State Communications

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Established in 1982, Copper State Communications has been providing Arizonian businesses with IT services, including unified communications, managed IT services, and network security. While they have a proven track record, their technology updates have been reported to lag behind younger companies. However, their extensive experience makes them a trustworthy provider.


GeekForce.biz provides a range of services, from cloud solutions to IT consulting and VoIP services. They shine in the area of customer service, often going above and beyond to meet client needs. However, their smaller size can sometimes limit their capacity to handle larger, more complex projects. Yet, for small to medium businesses looking for personal attention, they can be a great fit.

AZ Tech Works

Specializing in managed IT services, VoIP, and cybersecurity, AZ Tech Works is known for their industry expertise and responsive support. Some clients have noted a higher than average pricing structure, which could be a limitation for smaller businesses. Overall, their top-notch services and specialized support make them a viable choice for businesses with a larger IT budget.

TeamLogic IT

A national franchise with a strong presence in Arizona, TeamLogic IT offers a broad range of IT services. They excel in flexibility and scalability, which makes them a solid choice for growing businesses. Their franchise model, however, may lead to inconsistency in service quality across different locations. Nevertheless, their extensive service offerings and adaptability make them a solid option for businesses of varying sizes.

ITD Solutions

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ITD Solutions focuses on managed IT services, data backup, and recovery. They are well-regarded for their disaster recovery solutions and their commitment to customer satisfaction. However, they may lack the extensive service catalog offered by larger competitors. Their emphasis on personalized service and disaster recovery solutions makes them a good option for businesses prioritizing these aspects.


A leader in the telecom industry, PlanetOne offers unique cloud-based solutions and connectivity services. Their focus on telecommunications provides businesses with top-tier communication solutions. However, businesses seeking a broader array of IT services might find them less comprehensive. Their industry-specific focus makes them an excellent choice for businesses prioritizing telecommunications.

Progilisys Solutions

Based in Scottsdale, Progilisys Solutions offers a wide range of IT services, including managed services, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions. They are praised for their customer-centric approach and ability to deliver customized solutions. However, some clients have noted that their pricing structure can be a bit high compared to others in the market. If budget is not a constraint, Progilisys could be an excellent choice due to their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Yuma Office Equipment

This Yuma-based firm offers more than just office equipment; they also provide a wide range of IT services. They are particularly proficient in IT hardware and equipment, but might lack the depth in managed services offered by competitors. This makes them ideal for businesses with heavy reliance on office equipment alongside IT needs.

Integrated IT Solutions

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Integrated IT Solutions offers a full range of IT services, including managed IT, cloud services, and cybersecurity. Their customer service and comprehensive solutions have earned them a loyal customer base. However, their wait times for technical support can sometimes be long. Overall, tey provide a good balance of price and services for small to medium-sized businesses.

American Technology Solutions (ATS)

A leading firm in telecommunication services, ATS also provides managed IT services, VoIP, and cloud solutions. They excel in communication technology, but businesses seeking broader IT solutions might find them less diverse. ATS’s strong reputation in telecommunications, coupled with their comprehensive IT service offerings, make them an excellent choice for businesses with heavy reliance on communication technologies.

They offer a variety of services, including managed IT, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and more. While they may not have as large a footprint as the previously mentioned companies, they have a niche client base and offer specific advantages in their service areas. Their limitations mostly arise in the form of response time, pricing, and less comprehensive service catalogs.

In conclusion, Arizona’s IT service provider landscape offers a rich variety of options to suit different business needs. Whether it’s MyTek’s customized IT solutions or Bensinger Consulting’s cloud expertise, each provider brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. It’s crucial to closely evaluate your business’s IT needs to choose the provider that will best address your specific requirements. From comprehensive services to specialized solutions, Arizona’s IT providers have much to offer in supporting and enhancing your business technology environment.