Exploring New Shocks For Your Truck Get Your Truck Back to Optimal Performance this Winter

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After you’ve put around 50,000 miles on your truck, you might start to notice that it doesn’t have the same bounce as it once did. Some drivers notice the difference on off-ramps, others notice on bumpy roads, and a few drivers have never been satisfied with the motion of their ride.

Not all drivers need to run back to their used car dealership for another vehicle. The reason for this change in ride comfort is most likely wear to your shock absorbers or struts. Shocks have a large impact on the ride and handling of your vehicle, so it is important to replace them if needed.

What Are Shock Absorbers?

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Shock absorbers help control the impact and rebound movements of your vehicle. Utilizing a hydraulic pump-like design, shock absorbers work to smooth out your ride by reducing the cab impact of bumps and other road obstacles. The main function of the shock absorber is to ensure your tires stay in contact with the ground at all times for the most effective performance from your brakes and other systems.

Your shocks, along with tires and brakes, should be checked and serviced every few months to ensure you are compliant with the Monroe Safety Triangle. This safety evaluation focuses on three driving factors:

  • Stopping: Helps reduce the rate of weight transfer to keep tires and wheels in contact with the road. Shocks, struts, and brakes work together to help your vehicle stop in extreme temperatures.
  • Steering: Shocks and struts help evenly distribute the vehicle weight across all four tires. This improves handling during turns and high speeds.
  • Stability: Shocks, struts, and tires work together to maximize tire-to-road contact, improving vehicle stability and minimizing weight transfer.

To keep you and your vehicle safe, request a Monroe Safety Triangle inspection every time your car is taken for service.

How Do Shock Absorbers Work?

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Contrary to popular belief, shock absorbers do not support the entire weight of a vehicle. Instead, shock absorbers convert the kinetic energy of your vehicle to thermal energy, or heat, that is dissipated through heat exchange.

Shock absorbers are designed to automatically adjust to road conditions to keep up with the movement of the suspension. The more the suspension moves, the more resistance that is required from the shock absorbers.

Different Types of Shock Absorbers

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While all shock absorbers function the same, there are different types of shock absorbers to accommodate different vehicles and suspension designs.

Most shock absorbers fit into one of three conventional types of shocks:

  • Conventional Telescopic: The simplest type of shocks, conventional telescopic shock absorbers are always replaced instead of repaired. These can be found in both front and rear suspension systems and are the most inexpensive shock option.
  • Strut Type: Struts support the part of the suspension system that is built to manage heavy loads and larger forces. Struts are built more ruggedly than conventional shocks. Struts are most commonly found on the front and rear of small and medium cars, but new larger vehicles are starting to incorporate strut-based designs as well.
  • Spring Seat: Spring seat shocks exhibit traits of both telescopic and strut type shocks. Spring seat shocks combine a suspension unit and damping device like struts, but are not designed to handle high side loads. These shocks are of the sealed variety and will require full replacement.

Need Your Shocks Repaired or Replaced? Find a Reputable Service Center Online

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When it’s time to go to the dealership for maintenance and repairs, you want to be welcomed and invited in. Perform an Internet search for “repair shops near me” or “service centers near me” to find options in your area. Read reviews, watch videos, and even contact the service center directly. We also recommend taking a suggestion from a friend or family member, but if you decide to proceed with a search result, you have the tools you need to select a top-notch option.

Work with a service center that will leave an impression. While appearance isn’t everything, you’ll feel more confident in their workmanship when your service center is clean and well put together and the employees are helpful and kind.

You should feel involved in the repair of your car, and you should receive explanations at every step and for other service recommendations that would improve vehicle performance. Just because you need vehicle repairs doesn’t mean you need to settle, especially when it comes to getting the best shocks for your truck.