Craft Brewery Must Have Equipment Checklist 2024


If you are obsessed with brewing and want to start your own business, then you probably need help with the choice of brewing equipment.

We have compiled a list of the most current draft beer equipment, which is sure to be needed for the start:

1. Yeast brink


This is a barrel made of stainless steel, which is designed to collect yeast from a conical fermenter to save and re-add to a new batch of beer.

It makes the process of yeast collecting and adding easier and more convenient, which is especially important for beginners who don’t know perfectly all the nuances of production.

You can find quality and reliable yeast brink for sale on the website of the Beverage Craft company, specializing in beer equipment. The range of the brand includes yeast brink for sale by Schaefer, which is considered the best on the market.

2. Beer Storage tanks

These are large containers of 300, 500, 800, 1000, and 1250 liters, designed for storing ingredients and finished beverages, as well as for fermentation and aging.

3. Keg

These are smaller containers that are needed for the storage and transportation of beer. Generally, breweries use kegs with a capacity of ⅙, 1\4 or 1\2 barrels.

4. Kegerator

Refrigeration equipment which is ideal for beer storage in kegs. They vary in size and style from small, compact units with one beer tower to large commercial 96-inch kegerators.

5. Cooling system


The best option is to use a glycol cooling system. It provides faster and more accurate cooling, prevents wort caramelization, suppresses bacterial growth, and maintains stable product temperature during storage, transportation, and dispensing.

6. CO2 or Nitrogen gas tanks

Cylinders with gas are necessary to pump beer from the keg to the glass. Gas is also used to properly cool and store the product.

For the correct operation of this equipment, regulators are needed. They help control the pressure at the outlet of the cylinder.

7. Keg coupler


It’s like a key or a tap that opens a keg and makes the beverage flow into a glass.

Now you know what equipment you will need in your production and can start planning to open your brewery.

Please contact Beverage Craft representatives for comprehensive advice on the choice of products and the best prices for all elements of the draft beer system. Here you will be helped arrange your craft brewery!

8. Keg washer

Keg washers are an essential piece of equipment for craft brewers. They are used to quickly and thoroughly clean kegs, making them ready for filling or for storage. This ensures that beer remains fresh and flavors don’t mix, saving both time and money when it comes to production.

Keg washers come in various sizes and configurations, depending on the size of the brewery and the number of kegs needing to be cleaned. Generally speaking, a keg washer consists of a spray arm with multiple nozzles that deliver high pressure cleaning solution aimed at every corner of a keg while rinsing with water afterwards.