Are Honda Cars Expensive to Maintain – 2024 Guide


It is a universal fact that everything and everyone requires brushing. This brushing refers to updating and maintaining. Humans need timely medicines checkup to get themselves on track. Mobile phones need to be upgraded and updated so that they provide the best performance to the user.

Just like these examples, automobiles also get outdated with time. They have their obsolescent parts and their wear & tear costs. Therefore, these updates are done regularly to avoid critical damage or accidents. These upgrades are given the term ‘maintenance and repair costs’ of an automobile. But what remains a frightening thing is the costs of such maintenance and repair.

In many cases, buyers neglect cars after researching and analyzing the average maintenance costs of a vehicle. When it comes to maintenance charges, cars from Honda are the most surprising ones to blame.

There are many misinterpretations people think of repair costs of Honda cars; they are expensive. To get the most genuine information on Honda vehicles, it is good to visit มอเตอร์ไซค์ Honda.

The below section will highlight the repair cost aspect of Honda cars. Moreover, it will describe the cost breakups and how a user can save these costs effectively.

Common Maintenance Costs & Service Requirement For Different Models


Every year, a Honda user makes a payment of around $428 on the service and maintenance of the car. Basically, these costs comprise regular and standard checks & services as well as unscheduled accidental repairs.

For a knowledgeable person, this cost must not be a thing of worry. Compared to the industrial standard costs of over $650, these costs are less. Such prices might even go higher in the case of luxury cars like Porsche and BMW. Therefore, it is a complete myth that Honda cars require very high maintenance costs.

However, for different Honda cars, variable maintenance costs are charged. These variations are shown hereunder:

• Honda Civic for $368
• Honda Fit for $390
• Honda Accord for $400
• Honda CR-V for $407
• Honda Odyssey for $547

When to Approach for Maintenance of Honda Cars


There is always an approximate distance or duration after which a driver or a car user must approach the service center to furnish their vehicle. An automobile user must keep in mind how many miles or kilometers they are required to repair for nominal damages. These maintenance costs depend on the type of damage the car has gone through.

• For every 7500 miles, the oil in the car must be replaced.
• Tire rotation must also be carried in every 7,500 miles or after a year.
• Replacement of the oil filter must be done after every 15,000 miles.
• Front and rear brake inspection for every 15,000 miles.
• Parking brake adjustment must also be made after every 15,000 miles.
• Several minor upgrades like assessment of tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots, suspension parts, driveshaft boots, brake technicalities, cooling system hoses & connections, exhaust component, fuel lines, links, and stages & conditions of all fluids must be done after every 15,000 miles.
• Users must replace the air cleaner element and spark plug after traveling for every 30,000 miles.
• Drive belt checking and adjustment for every 30,000 miles
• Engine coolant replacement must be made initially after 45,000 miles but then with the passage of every 30,000 miles.
• Replacement of brake fluid must be done after every 45,000 miles.

According to experts, these miles and intervals are a rough estimation. People should not take these as rigid and final intervals. The intervals depend on the driving style (rash or comfort driving), type of road while driving, and the frequency of taking the car on a drive.

Honda cars are prone to the 3 most crucial damages. These include – failure of Ignition switch, production of hot air from air conditioning, and malfunctioning of electric sliding doors. Apart from these, there are several damage types that are common to Honda cars, which are listed below.

• Engine light defects
• Ill-conditioned engine mounts
• Vibration effect while braking
• Effect of inefficient engine mounts in the form of vibration, roughness, rattling and rumbling.
• Failure of the occupant position sensor leading to the airbag light
• Overhead wire harness resulting in ineffective low beams.
• Wear and tear of stabilizer links produces a shrill sound from the front suspension.

How to Save or Lower Maintenance Costs on Honda Cars


One of the most popular cost-effective ways on maintenance and repair services of Honda cars is utilizing a warranty card. Most of the Honda cars offer a warranty of 8 years. It is difficult to pay expenses of damage in a single go from the person’s own pocket. It is essential to get an extended warranty on the existing card.

A warranty card can help cover the actual damages without paying unnecessary prices.

Also, nowadays, several offers can be availed while buying a warranty card. It will indirectly cost less for even the most significant repair.

To get additional monetary benefits on warranty, go for third-party warranty providers. The company often charges higher than any third party or provider. It is vital to research warranty cards from several parties. There are several variations in their services. The extended warranty and terms depend on the car’s mileage, making, style, model number & year, and coverage standard.

Apart from the warranty benefits, a person can also save on maintenance costs by preventing damages in the following ways:

• Do not overload the vehicle. There is a prescribed fixed limit of passengers to be carried in the car of every make. If the car exceeds that limit, there are high chances of early wearing out the vehicle.
• It is advisable to drive slow at regular speed. Do not apply a brake suddenly; it will lead to malfunctioning of the system. Choose not to drive on uneven roads.
• Regularly checking the gas fuel can help the driver with early signs of damage. If the situation gets worsened, there will be more damages and costs.


Driving can be more difficult once the fate and plight of the car degrade over time. It is essential to regularly care for the vehicle to ensure that maintenance costs are reduced.

Honda cars can be fun to ride once these costs are considered.