How Often Should You Professionally Clean Your Carpets?

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When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned, there are a variety of determining factors as to how frequently you need to clean your carpets. Overall, the recommended routine is to clean your carpets a minimum of once a year. As a result, it will keep your carpet warranty in effect and keep under control most of the debris, accumulated dust, and allergens commonly found in your carpets.

Considering the basic task of vacuuming your carpets, consider vacuuming as a minimum once a week in the case of a family that is not frequently at home. You should, on the other hand, vacuum a minimum of two times a week if you are living in a very busy family, or if you have carpet areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Everyday cleaning may reduce the amount of debris and allergens, specifically if there are pets or children walking around or you wear shoes in the house.

Routine cleaning maintains your carpet in warranty

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You might have a carpet warranty, just don’t become too comfortable at this point. At a minimum, in order to maintain coverage, a lot if not most carpet warranties demand a professional cleaning of your carpet at a minimum of approximately every 12 to 24 months. This will assure that you have done your part to maintain that carpet fiber health – and in the end, it is worthy of some quality, solid care.

This will assure that you have done your part to maintain that carpet fiber health – and in the end, it is worthy of some quality, solid care. Getting a professional steam cleaning by an approved method can help you maintain your carpet’s overall quality and keep it healthy longer, guaranteeing it will last longer in the event something unexpected happens to it.

Vacuuming regularly

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Vacuuming your carpet more than once a week increases the life of your carpet. The reason for this is that vacuuming is the process of eliminating those loose particles present over the carpet’s surface prior to them being deposited deeper and causing the fibers to abrade.

With regular vacuuming, you may spend more time cleaning your carpet on a regular basis until you decide to get professional deep cleanings. However, regardless of how frequently you vacuum, you will eventually have to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the deeply embedded dust and dirt from your carpet. Moreover, in case you vacuum infrequently, the time for a carpet cleaning service to maintain the quality of your carpet may be now.

Insufficient carpet cleaning impacts air quality

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Not caring for your carpets regularly can even impact the quality of your interior air. It is possible for a home with carpets that are not routinely cleaned to face an indoor air quality that is 8 to 10 times more severe than the quality of outdoor air. Considering all the outside smog and pollutants these days, poorly-cleaned carpets are truly a serious health problem. The importance of maintaining clean carpets is particularly important for vulnerable people or people who suffer from allergies, since eliminating dust and other build-up is essential to avoid experiencing further irritation.

For a tidy home, it is important to keep your carpets clean. In case you have pets or are simply concerned about the buildup of bad bacteria, it is always a great idea to call in a cleaning professional for your carpets.