9 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites

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While you can customize your ecommerce site in any way you like, there are some features that you must have. These features will allow you to stay competitive and relevant in your industry. So, if you are building an ecommerce site, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top must-have features for all ecommerce sites.

1. Website Search

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The search option is one of the top features you need on your ecommerce site. It will save time and effort for customers, as they can simply search for what they want. You must aim to create a friendly user experience, and site search is a big part of that.

2. User-Friendly Navigation

Another must-have feature is the user-friendly navigation to help customers find what they need as quickly as possible. You must categorize your products and list the most popular categories first. Besides that, you can also offer quick links to sales and affordable products to guide customers in the best way.

3. API to Address Autocomplete

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One way you can enhance the customer experience is by offering API address autocomplete at checkout. It will save the customers time and make the checkout process incredibly easy and fast. Your customers will enjoy more convenience and efficiency as their full address will easily be implemented for them through the API address autocomplete feature.

4. Product Videos

Yes, product videos are one of the best ways to enhance the conversions of your eCommerce site. Think with Google concluded that more than 50% of shoppers said that an online video helped them in deciding what product or brand to purchase. You can also take advantage of this feature and add videos to your product pages.

5. Store Locator

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Are you a big eCommerce brand with locations in many places? If you are, then opting for a store locator is one of the best things you can do for your customers. It will enable them to easily find you no matter where you are located.

6. Various Payment Options

All businesses want customers to finish the checkout process and buy from their store. One way you can ensure a purchase is by offering various payment options on your website. It will make the entire purchasing process easy for customers, and they can easily find any payment option they want to use.

7. FAQs

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Almost all ecommerce sites have a FAQs section. It will enable the customers to understand more about your brand, and it will also reduce the time your customer service team has to spend answering queries. So, think about what questions your customers will have and answer them in the FAQs section.

8. Order Tracking

When customers place an order, they eagerly wait for the package to arrive. That is why you must help them understand where their order is by offering order tracking on your site.

It will guarantee that your customers visit your site more after placing an order and track their package.

9. Live Chat

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Finally, you must keep the live chat option on your ecommerce site. If customers have any queries, they can ask chat support and resolve their issues. It will save the time your customer service team spends on calls and offer a convenient outlet to customers.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the 9 must-have features for your ecommerce site. You must have a search bar, API address autocomplete, store locator, videos, and much more.

Once you create your ecommerce site with these features in mind, it will enhance the customer experience and make them stay longer on your site.