How Do You Clean Newly Installed Tile Grout?


Tiles are one of the key components of a nicely decorated bathroom or kitchen. However, they leave a lot of areas for dirt to get into. The connections between tiles will frequently be targets of mold, dirt, and bacteria. To prevent these harmful materials from accumulating between tiles, we apply grout. However, when the grout is fresh, it’s important to know how to deal with the excess of it.

Grout haze


The real problem that stems from applying grout is that all the remaining bits of it will form what is commonly known as grout haze. It is a situation where the entire surface gets covered in grout. In situations where this extra grout isn’t properly cleaned, there will be a white cover over our tiles.

Getting rid of excess grout can be harder than removing dirt and grime. Grout will discolor our tiles, making them appear far bleaker and more worn out. Most of the grout haze is difficult to remove and may require special treatment.

Removing grout haze


Grout haze can affect the quality and appearance of our tiles. Getting a quick solution against them is always preferred over allowing the problem to sit around. There are plentiful ways of resolving the problem once grout dries out but taking care of it while fresh can be a hassle. Here are some ways to approach fresh grout.

Diluted vinegar


Vinegar is a household item that frequently doubles as a cleaning solution. Pouring a mixture of vinegar and other elements down our drains can be used to clean pipes, vinegar traps can capture pests, and so on. Vinegar is also useful for removing grout haze. Diluting vinegar and using it with a scrub pad is a simple and easy fix to a lot of the grout problems you may run into.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work on tiles if they aren’t made out of porcelain or ceramic. Other tiles may be completely unaffected and even damaged in some cases. If the grout problem is too widespread, the act of scrubbing it off may be too difficult, no matter how much vinegar we use. In these situations, to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently, tile cleaning services are a very good call.

Grout removers


There are special products aimed at the removal of grout. These are frequently used for getting rid of fresh grout because a lot of other treatments require grout to dry out fully, which can take up to 10 days. When picking out grout removers for fresh grout, we should aim for stronger and harsher ones. The simpler versions usually don’t work quite as well when dealing with fresh grout.

Grout removers may vary in functionality and effectiveness. Before getting one, make sure to check out the reviews and guidelines associated with it. Otherwise, you may have a mediocre experience that doesn’t accomplish what you set out to do. Take into account the type of tiles you have, how long the grout has been around, and any treatment methods you’ve already applied. These can all help guide your purchasing decisions.