Advantages of Foster Care During Adoption


Just the thought that there are so many children in the world that are all alone on the streets, that are being used as child labor, that are being abused on a daily basis, and that are being used in places where your mind cannot fathom to understand. It is a jarring though, a child that is so helpless is just there, staying helpless, with no empathy and love by even strangers as they move past them on the streets. This is where foster care comes to offer them what they need the most—care.

Foster care is needed for many children, they do not have holy lives that are full of happiness and success, there are kids in the world that are mistreated and misused. These kids are living a hard life, where they were not getting any education, any love, any care, the world was harsh on them and seeing this, these children were taken into a foster care to try to give them a better place to live in. Why? Because we all deserve love, we all need someone to love us. We all never asked to be born, so why cannot we deserve love and give love to people that need the most—that have no one, so as humans, why can’t we do at least this much for such kids.

Furthermore, these kids were harmed in more ways than one, and if they had continued to live in that place where they were abused on a daily basis, they would have been abused and hurt even more to the point where they would have been conditioned to live a life of suffering. But with foster care, this is deemed wrong and not the only option, foster care gives them hope.

Foster care is there to help children get to a point in their life where they can sustain themselves and take care of themselves. Another reason foster care exists is to provide a chance for parents of different ages to try and adopt a child that might be in need of a loving home. Because this is doable, in countries like Thailand, it is a tradition to be able to adopt at least one child in each family and each household. Think of 100 children at a foster care, and 100 families in a neighborhood will adopt each child or two children, which will better help the country in the long run if you really think about it.

Therefore, here are a few advantages that are there when you adopt with the help of foster care as compared to the adoption agency. These benefits are the reason why many families choose foster care for adoption as compared to adoption agencies.

Therefore, without further ado, let us get into the advantages you can get by adopting a child from a foster care agency, they are the following:

It won’t cost much


Adopting a child from a foster care agency will not take away all the money in your pockets as compared to adoption agencies. Adoption agencies, whether they are local or international, they cost a lot for parents to be able to start their life. It can cost only 25 percent in adopting from foster care of what could have costed in adoption agencies.

Foster care won’t run your pockets dry like adoption agency, where there is so much paperwork and so much waiting, and thousands of dollars need to be pumped in on a weekly basis to be able to adopt a child, but foster care is different. It first instills the mindset of a parent and then allows you to adopt, which is the reason why it is not costly.

It has a proper process


When people that want to get a child from foster care, they aren’t just handed the child, instead they are told to go through a special procedure that is long and hard. The procedure asks the future parents to get a license before adopting a child, they are taught several techniques and are taken care of well before they are given a task of taking care of an actual child under the supervision of the foster care facility from time to time.

The parents are checked up from time to time from the foster care agent as to how the child is doing, and slowly and surely, as the trust builds, the parents are told to take care of the child independently without the foster care agent stepping in to check how things are going. Once everything is going well, the foster care agency gives a certificate to the parents and gives them the green signal to take care of the child. This is done so because these children are mostly from abusive households, and the last thing they need is to go back to the same kind of an abusive household that made them the way they are.

It is extremely fulfilling


The children at foster care are mostly older, they are already at an age where they can understand who you are, and what you are, how you talk, and how you take care of them.

It becomes incredibly fulfilling when you do take care of them, by giving them shelter, food, and clothes, giving them the love they never got.

Furthermore, the feeling of giving life to a child that was helpless, is a beautiful feeling.

Clothing them, feeding them as you look into their eyes, and you see a glimmer of hope, you see the good in you and the potential in them to live lives that will help others in the long run. Because one day, this foster child of yours whom you adopt will go into the world not because they are blood-related which makes them important, but because your teachings, your love, your mindset, is what they will be known for and that is what it is all about.

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