Easy-To-Miss Places You Should Disinfect

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Highly trafficked buildings or facilities can see hundreds to thousands of people every day.

This means that all of those people are automatically exposed to each other’s germs left behind on surfaces they’ve touched or breathed on. Keeping facilities clean and sanitized should be a priority for health and safety maintenance. Routine disinfection ensures that you stop the spread of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Even with a UV sanitizer, there are places that people often miss while cleaning. These places are just as important to clean as any other, and forgetting about them can lead to the fast spread of harmful bacteria and serious infections.

Below is a list of easy-to-miss places you should disinfect to help keep your schools, athletic facilities, and business premises safe from germs:

Elevator Buttons and Handrails

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Elevators and stairways are commonly used in high-traffic areas and can quickly become covered in germs. While disinfecting your facilities, it is easy to miss the elevator buttons and handrails. These surfaces contact many people’s hands and can quickly spread germs.

Installing a UV disinfectant inside the elevator can help to reduce the number of germs on these surfaces.

Door Handles and Knobs

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Doors are another high-traffic area in any building, and the handles and knobs can easily become covered in germs. Door handles are often forgotten about when cleaning, but they can easily spread germs from one person to the next. A whole room unit UV light sanitizer is the best way to clean these surfaces and keep them free of germs.

Light Switches

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Like doorknobs and handrails, light switches are another commonly touched surface in facilities with high traffic. They can easily become contaminated with germs, which can be transferred to people. Disinfectant UV light rays in a room for about 10-15 minutes to help kill any harmful bacteria. Be sure to clean both sides of the switch and the surrounding area.

Fitness Equipment

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Fitness equipment is commonly used in gyms, schools, and other athletic facilities. After each use, it is crucial to clean the equipment to prevent the spread of germs. It can be tiresome and frustrating to manually clean and disinfect each piece of equipment. An installed UV light sanitizer in your facility will help to reduce the amount of time needed to clean and disinfect the equipment.

Water Fountains

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Water fountains are often found in public areas, such as schools, parks, and office buildings. They can quickly become contaminated with germs, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. Disinfecting water fountains with UV light can help to reduce the number of germs and keep the water safe to drink.

Office Phones

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An office phone is one of the most commonly used items. When cleaning, they are often forgotten, but they can easily become contaminated with germs. Shared phones in a public facility provide an easy way for germs to spread from one person to the next. UV sanitizers can help to reduce the number of germs on office phones and keep them safe to use.

Faucet Handles

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Faucet handles are commonly touched surfaces in schools, hotels, and public areas. They become contaminated with germs easily and frequently.

Using a UV light sanitizer can regularly help to kill any harmful bacteria present on faucet handles. UV light will make sure all sides of your handle are disinfected.

How to Ensure Proper Disinfection with UV Sanitizer

You need a UV sanitizer to disinfect these and other easy-to-miss places properly. UV sanitizers are the most effective way to clean and disinfect surfaces. They use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

UV light works by damaging the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. This damage prevents the microorganisms from reproducing, and thus, UV light can be an effective way to disinfect surfaces and kill germs.

Manufacturers have come up with a wide range of products that use UV light to clean and disinfect. Some of these products are designed for specific surfaces, while others can be used on various surfaces.

To find the right sanitizer for your needs, you should first consider the following:

• The type of surfaces you need to disinfect
• The size of the area you need to disinfect
• Your budget

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can choose the right sanitizer for your needs.

There are a wide variety of UV sanitizers available on the market, so you’ll find one that will meet your needs.

Take Away

The most easy-to-miss places demand regular disinfection. For example, in public spaces, areas like doorknobs, gym equipment, and faucet handles tend to contact many hands.

Without sanitization, these people are at risk for contracting harmful diseases. Maintaining safety against harmful germs in universities, hotels and more calls for the utilization of UV sanitizers. Outsource a reliable vendor for more insights.