How To Choose The Best Marijuana Strain In 4 Steps


When it comes to Marijuana and everything regarding it there are always plenty of questions and as many answers. There are always new things that are discovered and new things we learn.

Most of these questions are regarding the benefits or downfalls of marijuana. There are plenty of answers and they differ because depending on who you ask it is either good or bad. The reality of it is that it can be both; it just depends on what and how you use it.

Today we are discussing marijuana strains and which of them are the best ones out there. Before we start we want to pull your attention to the black mamba strain as one that is getting a lot of good reviews lately.

1. Sativa


For beginners, this strain is the one to go first and it might help if we tell you that this strain should be used during the day if you want to be a little more active, and focused. You can go with Super sour Diesel or Strawberry Satori and with these, you will get a more euphoric and energetic high.

2. Indica

Indica is a bit tougher to process, especially if you are getting to the stronger one like XXX. This one should be used during the night and probably best right before bed if you want something to knock you out.

3. CBD


CBD is the second most famous thing when it comes to marijuana and it is the second of its compounds that is found in the plant itself next to THC. Now, most of you know by now that CBD is a lot better for you especially if you want to avoid that high feeling and if you want to reap all the benefits of marijuana. With this, you will alleviate pain and sleep better. We recommend you go with something like Harle-Tsu which will have little to no THC and you can go with something like Harlequin if you want a bit more balanced, mid-range 6-7% THC to 10-15% of CBD ratio.

4. Hybrids

Besides clear THC and CBD strains, you also get your pick of the hybrids that are somewhere in between these two. You can go with something like Cherry Pie which has a lower THC coming in and 15%. This is a good one to start with as well or to start again if you haven’t smoked for a while.

With this, we hoped we helped with at least getting to know some of the basic strains and names out there. We also recommend you take smaller doses first especially if it is your first time. You can also communicate with your local budtender and ask them for help choosing your first strain or your first smoke. They will walk you through everything and based on your liking and your aimed sensation they will make you pick the right one.

Make sure you are in a controlled environment for the first time and, as already mentioned, make sure you go slow and build on that.