5 Tips and Tricks for Becoming a WoW Arena Master

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Being good at Warcraft is a matter of prestige these days. The game has so many amazing aspects that more players are drawn to it year in and year out. The loyalty of the old players is also on a high level. One of the most popular parts of the game is without a doubt Arena fights. Older and experienced players thrive in Arena, but for new and inexperienced players it can be a real hell.

World of Warcraft is nothing without its arenas, so to fully enjoy this game you need to master this complex part of WoW. Some people never fully grasp it, but that’s because they lack effort and commitment. If you have these two things, and with our little help, you are already set for success. Below you have five tips and tricks for becoming a WoW arena master. Trust us when we tell you, these are all good guidelines, and with hours of playing and after listening to our advice you’ll be a much better arena fighter than before.

1. Lear The Game

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Never skip the basics. This is an essential lesson that many people overlook. WoW is so much fun right from the start, so people quickly start playing without fully grasping what is it all about. If you want to become and World of Warcraft Arena master you need to understand one thing – time is of the essence. Yes, you’ll need time to reach a certain level.

As we said, you need to know the basics. For example, it is vital to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, the same for your opponents, how and when to use spells, how to work with and around cooldowns both yours and of the enemy, and similar things. This is all learned at the start, not when you’ve been playing for a while. If you want to get experienced it’s not only about playing but about learning. Yes, you need to play to learn, but it takes so much more. You need to be active not only in-play but also on blogs and forums where your knowledge can be enlarged.

2. Landscape Matters

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Once you’re in the game with certain knowledge you need to learn how to use the environment to your advantage. If you do this you’ll easily stand out among your peers. To put it in a serious way, knowing how to move on different landscapes can be the difference between life and death. WoW offers a lot of open space on most maps, and this is not something you want to see in an Arena. Open space is a death sentence. Moving around the space, and looking for blind spots and corners is what you want to do.

Going stealth while looking to cast strong efforts on your enemies is the right approach. It’s all about moving in cover to going out of the cover while inflicting damage on your opponents. This is the best way to hurt your foes and remain unscathed yourself. You might see using tactics in a video game as to seriocus approach, but then we must tell you, friend, you haven’t been drawn into the World of Warcraft deep enough. Of course, you can dismiss learning the game and using various tactics, but then you need WoW arena boosting to make yourself a better player.

3. Become a Part of the Community

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WoW Arena relies heavily on teamwork. Having many people on your side is always a good thing. But, it’s all about teamwork, and about knowing the preferences of your teammates.

You need to be able to rely one on another during the game as that’s the only way you can ever overcome difficult adversaries. WoW is all fun and games but in the end, winning is all that matters.

The easiest way to surround yourself with experienced players is to join a guild. You probably know about the in-game Guild & Communities tab which can set you on a road to Arena. Sometimes your guild members can become your friends in real life, which is an amazing aspect of this game. One thing to remember when you join a guild is that it will take time to gel with your teammates, so be sure to bring patience with you. Joining a guild, in the beginning, might be difficult but it will pay out with time.

4. Communication

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If joining a guild is your road to go, we can make the claim that communication is going to be the key to your future success above all else. The arena is a team game, and you can only win if you play as a team. The best way to know what and how to do it is by communicating it with your teammates. It is not only about in-game communication.

There’s so much more to it. You need to talk before playing about the matters such as CC chains, priorities, swaps, cooldowns, and many other aspects of the game that could be crucial for your win. Even if you are a silent and shy type, during WoW missions and preparations you need to speak up as if your life depends on it because your in-game life does.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

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This is a life lesson that can be applied to WoW. The game is composed in such a way that you’ll be a novice for a while. This means that there are many lives to be lost. While you learn how to become an Arena fighter you’ll lose a couple of times. It will probably be a hundred times before you become a serious fighter. But, that’s no reason to quit. No! Every loss is a lesson to be learned. This is why it is essential to keep up playing until you’re good. But, empty playing will not do the trick. You need to learn while playing. Things such as death causes, patterns that arise with both your teammates and enemies are all worth tracking. If you can’t memorize everything, keep a diary of your adventures. There are many keys to gather to unlock your full potential. The primary one is to never give up.