Which Window Covering Is Best Suited for Your Home

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Windows and window coverings are important aspects of interior designing. They might make or break your whole décor. Therefore, you need to be extra careful with this.

There are several options that include curtains, shades, blinders, roman, panels, and drapes and much more. With this much range of coverings, it becomes often difficult to make a decision.

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1. Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds are an affordable choice for you to choose for your home. They block sunlight and you can also use it during the nighttime. So if you want to prevent external lighting for a peaceful rest time, you can just drop the blinds. You can either choose a complete blackout blinding option or a light filtering one. So you can block the light according to what you want.

Roller blinds are suitable for bedrooms and your living room too. Furthermore, there are color and design options too. You can choose a pattern that matches the paint of your walls. Or you can also get the pattern according to the interior settings.

2. Roman blinds

Another option in blind coverings is Roman blinds. Their main composition is of fabric and is soft and looks elegant. Therefore, if you are going to choose a classy and elegant look for your indoors, Roman blinds would be a good choice to consider. Just like the roller blinds, they are also available in different options.

The first one is blockout that will completely block the external lights. The second option that you have is light filtering that will filter out a certain light source. And then there is a third option that is sunscreen fabric. This will block solar radiation but not light. So you will have limited light with complete blockage of solar radiations.

3. Curtains

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Another option that you can choose is curtains. They are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics. Curtains give you a lot of room to think. You can either have silky fabric with plain or self-print in solid colors. Or you can choose a pattern in funky colors. They will gently diffuse the light and make your room look neat.

You can also use the curtains in combination with blinders. So if you are using a soft fabric in light colors, they won’t be able to block the light completely. Thus, you can use them in combination with simple vertical blinders. Moreover, you can turn on the set the blinders when you want to block the light. And the curtains will give an elegant look to your room.

Sheer white curtains are also the favorite choice for rooms with very little light. They will allow maximum incoming light and at the same time will give a good finishing to your room.

4. Rattan blinds

This is a popular choice for people who choose to have more natural interior settings.

So if you would like a hut-style home or you are furnishing your farmhouse, rattan blinds would be the best. Usually, people choose them in their kitchen and washrooms.

Or if they have a wooden interior and natural brown paints on the walls, rattan blinds make the perfect combination for windows.

5. Classic shutters

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Classic shutters come under the Romanek design. So if you have a rather simple room design, you can choose them. They allow you to see the outside. Therefore, if you have plants outside your windows and you do not want to completely block the look, you can shutters.

They go well with a monochromatic color scheme. Furthermore, you can set them with a coffee table and a sofa with contemporary style.

6. Frosted glass

The frosted glass must be used for windows where you do not want external exposure all the time. It will block the view and just give an impression of things on the other side. They go best with bathroom windows and doors. Furthermore, you can also use them in your office space.

To say it simply, frosted glass is best for people who want complete privacy. So you do not have to hang curtains or use blinders. And when you want to see outside, you can simply open the windows.

7. Floor to ceiling curtains

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These are best for the living room and bedrooms. You will hang the curtains from the roof or ceiling point and they will come all the way down to the floor. Thus, they will cover the whole windows. In addition to this, they will give off a sense of warmth and fullness.

Regarding these floor-to-ceiling curtains, there are a lot of options available too. Usually, people use thick fabric with patterns but you can also choose a rather simple one. It all depends on the interior design of your room.

For example, if you have zinc, grey and bottle green colors in your room, you can also choose the curtains with the same color scheme. The silk ones would look the best with a self-print. Or you can also choose a combination of colors. For example, the base color can be zinc or green with black or grey patterns.

8. Classic shades

Classic shades are also most suitable for the kitchen and washroom. But if you design it carefully, they also go well with your study room. They give exposure of your choice. You can open them to get full light or turn them off to block them.