What’s the Odds on Arsenal Winning the Premier League 2024-23

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The latest edition of the top football competition in England and one of the strongest leagues on the planet is in full swing. It is the 31st season of the English Premier League, and the 124th season of the top-flight football competition overall. It is widely considered to be the strongest out of the European top five leagues because of the number of high quality teams when compared to the resto of them. Every weekend, millions of fans are glued to their screens and hundreds of thousands make their way to one of the magnificent stadiums to support their favorite side.

Before every season there is rampant speculation about the transfer window and squad changes, who made the best decision and who equipped their team with the best players.

When the season starts however, winning is all that matters and everyone wants their team to win the title at the end of the season. This is also when the betting starts and when sports fans become serious analysists again in an effort to make some money from their favorite pastime activity, watching football. The most lucrative of bets revolve around the champion of course and making a ticket at the start of the season on the eventual champion is not easy.

The most interesting development that has happened so far is Arsenal’s brilliant start to the season. Finally, after years upon years of struggles and not being able to crack the top 3, Arsenal is back. But do they have it in them to keep this form and finish the season at this level? Only time will tell, but that is not something that can satisfy a bettor on sports as they mostly care about odds. Well, you are in luck since in this article we talk about the odds of the Arsenal side winning the Premier league for the season 2024/2023. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out bet365 for more info.

The Champs are Still Here

Before focusing more on Arsenal, we have to first address the elephant in the room and discuss Manchester City. They are currently the two time defending champions since they won the Premier League in both 2020/21 and 2024/22 seasons. This is more than enough for them to get back to the top of the table and chase that three-peat. Before that, they also won in 2019, 2018, and have won the League Cup four times in a row between 2018 and 2024. A sole recent FA Cup came in 2019 and the English Supercup was won in 2019 and 2020. The club is always involved in competitions until the late stages and should never be counted out.

This team’s main goal for the last decade or so has been the UEFA Champions League, but they are always among the favorites when the domestic league is in question. The addition of Erling Haaland skyrockets them to instant favorites no matter the competition. The Norwegian 22-year-old has scored 14 goals in his first 8 Premier League matches, an incredible feat. Moreover, he scored hat-tricks in the last three games! At the moment of writing, Man City is second on the standings with 20 points, behind only Arsenal who have 21. City won 6 and drew 2 games and are yet to lose a game this season. Right now, the bookmakers give Manchester City 80% chance of winning it all this season.

Let’s Talk About Arsenal

Source: medium.com

At the moment of writing, the reformed and revitalized Arsenal side is at the top of the Premier League standings, something that has not happened after 8 game days in quite some time. They have 21 points and have won 7 games, lost 1, and have not yet drawn.

While their goal difference is considerably worse than that of their closest competitor in Man City (who have Haaland to thank for that), they are still first. Gabriel Jesus has newfound form and has already scored 5 goals and has 3 assists in the first 8 games. Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard have scored 3 each with several others scoring.

However, as great of a start this is, one can never be certain with this team. They have had numerous great teams in the last fifteen years and none of them have come close to winning it. The last Premier League title came ages ago in the 2003/04 season. The one before that was in 2001/02. The drought has been real and it has been too long since the glory days of the London’s red team. Since then, both Manchester teams have had success, Chelsea has been running rampant across town, and even Leicester won a title. Even Liverpool won one before Arsenal did. It truly does seem it is Arsenal’s turn to come back from the dead and this may very well be the season.

They managed to score at least 2 goals in each of their games so far and have only lost to Manchester United. If they are to win the title, they have to play against the top 5 teams as well as they played against Tottenham when they won 3-1. The bookmakers currently have them way below City to win it all this season at only 13% chance. Still, that is good for the second-highest odds and a good chance to remain in the title race until the last match day.

We think that every Arsenal fan would be more than satisfied with such a season.

The Rest of the Competitors

Other four teams that could be in the running to win it all have all fallen off a bit this season, at least so far. Behind Arsenal in the third place is Liverpool with 9% chance to steal the title this season. The loss of Sadio Mane seems to be greater than anyone anticipated as they have been struggling and are currently 9th on the table. Tottenham, currently third on the table, have been playing better but they need to step it up against the favorites and secure points against the weaker sides if they are to join in on the fun.

The London side has 5% chance to win the league. Finally, Chelsea and Man United have been disappointing so far as they are in the 5th and 6th spots as of now, respectively. The bookies give them 3% and 2% chances of taking home another prestigious league title.