How Often Is It Necessary to Have a Maintenance Inspection for Your Plumbing


Good plumbing is important as it gets rid of materials we do not wish in our homes and provides clean water. However, no matter how good the initial installation is it will eventually require repairs and maintenance. Knowing the importance of maintenance and how frequent it should be is key to long-lasting pipes, so let’s check how it all works.

Consistent inspections of your pipes can preemptively resolve issues, removing the problem before it starts affecting our household.

Water damage is one of the most frequent side effects of issues with pipes. Said water damage can spread and endanger other parts of our household. Discoloring walls, eroding the interiors, mold growth, and many more issues sprout from water damage so making sure we don’t end up having to deal with it immediately protects us from those problems too.

Leaky pipes and compromised bends that could turn into sources of water damage will be noticed by the inspection, giving you peace of mind.

So how often should you have an inspection of your pipes?


It’s suggested that you hire professionals every 2 years to inspect your pipes. If you feel there might be something off about your plumbing you should call one up immediately but in regular conditions, you needn’t run inspections more often than this. We suggest contacting Adelaide North Plumber if you are looking for professionals to call in for these inspections

Some cases where you may want to get an inspection outside of regular times include:

Moving into a new house


Although the initial house inspector check could come up with no issues, some smaller details may crop up when looked at by a plumbing professional.

Recent earthquakes


After an earthquake, our pipes could be damaged by the movement of the ground beneath them. Sometimes the vibrations themselves can loosen up some already questionable connections, risking leaks and water damage.

If an earthquake recently occurred in our area it’s a good idea to get an inspection to confirm that the pipes are all in order.

House surrounded by mature trees


The trees around our home could prove troublesome for the pipes too. Tall trees grow wide below the earth, with their roots spreading far out. These roots could ruin your pipework as roots burrow into the installations or displace earth which could damage the pipes themselves. If your home is surrounded by huge trees, it’s very useful to contact somebody for an inspection or you’ll have a problem on your hands soon.


So in the end, it’s a given that you shouldn’t postpone inspections if you haven’t had one in a while. On top of that, make sure to keep track of the situations happening around your household as they might result in you needing more inspections. While it may seem unnecessary at times to run one of these, it’s usually worth it in the long run. Especially if it ends up helping you avoid some bigger issues. After all, taking care of a problem before it gets out of hand is way cheaper than doing so after it has already escalated.