6 Things to Focus On When Playing Mage Tower Challenge in WoW

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The World of Warcraft is a highly entertaining and exciting game these days. It is pretty popular among gamers across the world. Many beginners want to try this gaming activity and have fun bypassing all the entertaining levels. It is hard to get bored of this game because it consists of exciting levels. You will continue playing WoW without any pause. You will get plenty of challenges to pass and reach a higher level.

There is a Mage Tower challenge that you will find in the Shadowlands expansion. It is one of the oldest challenges, initially discontinued and then released again. You may need a Mage Tower boost to play this challenge effectively. But you need to focus on various things to play better and win the challenge. This write-up will discuss those things that you need to focus on while playing the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW.

1. Understanding the Challenge

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Before starting any challenge, make sure that you understand it very well. Keep one crucial thing in mind that it is not a new challenge, and hence, you will get plenty of information about it. All the levels are pretty entertaining and challenging for gamers. It is easy to pass the levels with ease when you understand everything about the challenge before playing them.

You may find many players who have already conquered the challenge and know everything about it. You can ask them any query to clear your doubts. The levels are of the Mage Tower Challenge are pretty the same, and hence, you may need old strategies. Know one thing that it is not officially available for players, but it will release soon.

2. Know the Rewards

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If you want to play any challenge in WoW, you must check what rewards you will get after winning all the levels. In this way, you can make other strategies and play the next rounds of the game. In many challenges, you may get armors or boosts. You need to check whether the rewards you get are beneficial for you or not.

You can get guardian druids after winning the challenge. If you defeat the werebear, you will get the coveted skin, which is fantastic because of its unique design. Before playing the challenge, invest your time to explore the rewards. You can achieve your gaming goals if you know what to win. In this way, you can make strategies and play further effectively.

3. Go Through the Guidelines

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There are seven levels in this challenge, and you need to win them to pass it. Before starting the game, make sure that you go through all the guidelines quickly and carefully.

You cannot make any mistake at any level. After reading the guide, you can quickly determine what items and gears you need to win this challenge.

Any mistake will make you lose all the existing powers, armors, weapons, etc. If you read the guide, you can easily make strategies to deal with the upcoming challenges. Before releasing the expansion, you must prepare yourself for winning the game. Gather all the guides and read them thoroughly to understand every aspect of the gaming activity.

4. Determine the Rotation and Time of the Challenge

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If you want to win the Master Tower Challenge, you must know the schedule and event cycle of the gameplay. When this challenge becomes available to everyone, you can easily access it through Legion Timewalking. Within the same system, you can do many things like raids on shadowlands and dungeons.

When released to the public, it will be open and accessible for at least two weeks. After that, there will be an event gap of at least one week. Make sure that you determine the rotation and time of the challenge to make techniques to win the levels.

5. Get Potions Through Leveling

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There is no scope of scaling at a player level when you play the Mage Tower Challenge. When you pass more than 1000 levels, you may face difficulty passing advanced levels.

There is a minimum gear level requirement, and you need to pass them for a better score.

You should start leveling to get more rewards.

You will get potions that will help you get over other levels when you pass any level. These potions can help you survive the advanced stage and clear the challenge with ease. If you are playing in a team, the members should focus on winning potions at different stages.

6. Know-How to Survive

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It is sometimes hard to survive in a game because you can have more enemies continuously attacking you. Instead of killing, you need to look for ways to survive in the game. You need to make strategies and play the game in a team. If you play in a group, there are more chances of survival.

It is easy to pass the level without damaging your lives when you keep yourself safe. While going through the guide of the Mage Tower Challenge, you will know various ways of survival. When you stay safe long run, it will be easy to win the game with more rewards.

The Bottom Line

While playing the old challenge in WoW, i.e., the Mage Tower challenge, you need to focus on the mentioned things. If you make strategies and follow them, it will be easy for you to survive for the long run and enjoy the game more than usual. These things are essential to understand the game and plan techniques to pass different levels successfully.

Every day, you can get a new update on this game and make sure that you keep them in your mind to play the game well. In this way, you will have prior knowledge about this game, and you will know how to play and win the levels. Initially, you have to pay attention to the guide to get plenty of information about this game and make new strategies. But later, winning will be easy for you.