4 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

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Given that we are facing the New Year and Christmas holidays when there is real euphoria over the food and drinks preparation – this is the right time to look at the possibilities for a healthy diet during the holidays. When holidays come, the tables are full of food. It is difficult to hold back from all the temptations, but it is still possible. So, take a look at some of our tips for healthy eating during the holidays – and you will realize that healthy habits are not that hard to follow.

The Holiday Table Is A Great Challenge For All Of Us

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Let’s be honest, according to Healthywhizz Team, during the holidays, most of us overlook healthy habits when it comes to nutrition. Who can resist all these salty and sweet treats, starting with appetizers, salads, meat prepared in different ways – and finally cakes and pastries? However, we should not overdo it with such enjoyment, because not only is it not good for our health – but we can also easily gain unwanted weight. If you are organizing a holiday party or going as a guest, here are tips on how to make your diet as healthy and moderate as possible during the holidays.

1. Adjust your recipes to healthy food preparation

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Although food is an integral part of the holiday, focus on preparing as healthy foods as possible. Pay attention to what is really important besides food and that is laughter, joy – or a good time with relatives and friends. Eating unhealthy food is not a condition for having a good time. Therefore, you can adjust your recipes to a healthy option. Reduce fat and calories, while maintaining good taste by adding adequate foods as a substitute for unhealthy ones. For example, you can replace 1 egg with 2 egg whites to avoid cholesterol.

Also, instead of using oil or butter to prepare meals – you can use olive, coconut, or some other oil. Finally, when it comes to meat – turkey or fish can always be a good substitute for red meat.

2. Focus on protein and vegetable intake

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Try to avoid refined carbohydrates during the holiday season, which include rolls, pastries, cakes, pies, pizzas – and other flour products. Try to have your meals made up of healthy proteins with large portions of vegetables. When it comes to proteins, you can visit here and decide to replace at least one meal during the day with a quality protein shake. It will satisfy your appetite, but it will not make your stomach heavier like unhealthy foods that we usually consume during the holidays. Of course, you should also consume vegetables. Opt for fresh, stewed, baked in the oven, steamed, boiled, or grilled vegetables.

3. Choose the food you put on your plate wisely

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Don’t eat everything that is offered. Concentrate on the food you love and can’t resist. This will narrow your choices and reduce your calorie intake. If it’s a buffet, don’t put food on a plate. First look at the complete offer and choose wisely. Use a smaller plate. Research shows that we tend to fill our plates, regardless of size. So, choose a small plate – and you will not be able to put too much food.

4. Drink enough water so that you don’t mix thirst and hunger

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With all the food during the holidays, we often forget to drink enough water – which can lead to eating more, and we are actually thirsty. This is because we often tend to mix up the feeling of thirst and hunger. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water during the day, as well as during the holiday dinner. Alcohol is not only harmful but also full of calories. If you drink alcohol, drink a glass of water between the drinks. Try to avoid alcohol, especially on an empty stomach. You should know that alcohol increases your appetite and reduces your ability to control what you eat.

The Bottom Line

These tips can be very helpful because it is easy to fall into the trap of overeating during the holidays. Therefore, try not to overdo it in food or drink, but try to shift your focus to socializing and being in a good mood.